Bookish Event: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Midnight Launch!!

It has been a very long hiatus lovely readers and for that I apologise! But to make up for it, I’m restarting this blog with the ultimate post – the midnight launch of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child! Warning – photos galore ahead!

I was lucky enough to snap up tickets to Waterstones Piccadilly’s midnight launch of the newest instalment in the Harry Potter saga and I managed to get back to the UK just in time to actually attend – cue much jetlag and deliriousness (apparently the ultimate way to Fangirl!) 

I went with four Potterheads friends and we got queueing outside before 10pm when the store was due to open. Whilst in line we got given gold envelopes that contained a gorgeous floor map, a bookmark, our book token, and our complimentary drinks vouchers. When we go inside my friends and I made a beeline for the quiz because one of my Potterhead friends is a self-confessed super fanatic and we wanted to give the quiz a shot…

Needless to say we won 😉 Although the question of which county Malfoy Manor is did stump us longer than it should’ve – we eventually guessed through a process of elimination and got full marks (14/14 right)! Our prize was a goody bag each of a gorgeous bottle of butterbeer, a puzzle, a HP chocolate lollipop and some choc coins! Btw that butter beer is never being drunk obv.

We then went on to do some of the other activities on offer which included face painting, cake decorating, photo booth, film props, sweet shop, wand shop and book shop – I think the sweet shop was easily my favourite and I confess I did go a little over the top with my haul 🙂 

Finally we began queueing for the book and the line looped all around the stairs and out of sight – it was so long. Whilst in the queue we created some gifs for Pottermore and got interviewed by some film crews! At midnight we shouted the countdown at the top of our lungs and sang happy birthday to Jo. 

When I finally got my hands on my book I couldn’t stop screaming!! I think I jumped up and down for about 10 mins straight outside Waterstones (I’m probably on some news footage somewhere…) To finally have it in my hands was an amazing feeling. However, I have vowed to not read it until I watch the play in October which might as well be 19 years later 😉 

Let’s just hope I don’t get spoiled in the meantime #keepthesecret

Did you go to a midnight launch? Or did you do anything with your friends to ring in the launch? What are your plans for reading Harry Potter and The Cursed Child? 

Shout about it in the comments below (and remember no spoilers about the book pretty please!)

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