Reflections and Resolutions…

Well this is embarrassing isn’t it? Usually at this time of year bloggers are busy writing our annual wrap-ups on our favourite books and other fun lists.

Well, I’m afraid 2018 has been a little *tumbleweed* on Bookish At Heart and I don’t really have anything to “wrap up”… My current job has taken up quite a big chunk of my life whilst other things like language learning has taken up what spare moments I did have.

No regrets though. I always promised myself when I started this blog that I would not let it become a burden to the point where I’m not enjoying what should be a passion I do on the side. Earlier this year, just contemplating reading and then writing a post made my head hurt and I would immediately push it to the back of my mind.

I found all I wanted to do at the end of my workday was to totally switch off, for example by watching a K-drama on Netflix or doing some mindless online window shopping. Besides the sheer lethargy, my focus was also elsewhere. This year I took the plunge and decided to try out freelance writing. The trial process was hard but honestly seeing my pieces online is so unbelievably rewarding and I’m glad I gave myself the space to explore that! So I cut myself some slack and put Bookish At Heart on hold.

And frankly if there’s anything I learned from it, taking the time out is something we all should do. Mindfulness is very 2018 (and hopefully not a fad) and for me that meant allowing myself to deprioritise things without the accompanying self-inflicted guilt trip.

So I’ve had a fulfilling year but I’m itching to get back to writing for myself (now that I actually write for an audience which has its own share of pitfalls 🙈). I’ve decided to take some baby steps towards coaxing myself back into things. Read on to find out my book-slump busting methods!

  • BLOGGER JOURNAL – this wasn’t something I actually found nor bought myself. My family is super supportive of my blog and love for writing. So it was my sister who spied the journal in Paperchase and decided to buy it for me, as a way to rekindle my love for blogging. It’s a neat way to get inspiration, record ideas, and then transform them into actual posts; I think a bit of structure is exactly what I need at this point. I’ll do a full review of the journal when I’m properly using it but for now suffice to say it made my stationery-lover heart happy.


  • BOOKLY APP –  I stumbled across Bookly when browsing through the recommendations on the App Store over Christmas. The app definitely piqued my interest because I am such a nerd for recording things (see entry 1. above) as well as reviewing performance stats, all of which Bookly prepares you to do but for reading! I’m hoping it will help me to understand my reading patters and motivate me a bit more actively than my Goodreads challenge. Again I’ll do a full review when I’ve used it properly but for now it seems like just the thing to help me out of my slump.


  • READ WHAT YOU WANT – I went to Foyles today and browsed with no intention of buying… but ended up walking out with three books (yay the book blogger in me lives!) Two of the books were written by PoC and the other was a mystery – all genres I adore, along with fantasy and sci-fi. I know there’s a tendency to feel like you have to read the popular new releases that everyone is raving about but this is where the fun of blogging disappears for me. So my aim is to branch out into PoC readers this year (blog post coming soon!) and get back to reading for the sake of reading!

I’m hoping these small, baby steps will reignite my love for reading (which is still there, believe me) but in a stress-free, no-pressure way. And once again, I’ll keep in mind that my posts are not supposed to Pulitzer Prize nominees nor my Goodreads challenge a crazy double-digit figure. And I hope if you’re in the same position, you cut yourself some slack too – you deserve it!

P.S. Happy 2019!! Here’s to a year of more bookish goodness!

Have you ever felt like abandoning your blog because the pressure felt like too much? What methods have you used to get out of your book slump? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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