Guest Post: War Masterlist!

Yep… YA war ficiton is pretty popular at our house

So with it being Remembrance Day today I thought it would be cool to do a Masterlist of lots of quality war books, films and TV shows. War books and movies etc. often get a bad rep for being grim and boring. But I think it’s important, more now than ever, to remember the two huge wars that were fought and to understand why. And what better way to enrich than through reading and watching?! However, I’m ashamed to say my sister, the history nerd, is way more well-read when it comes to this topic so ta-da: a guest post seemed the perfect way to do this. So handing over to Anna…

Hii! I’m about to do the best WWI/WWII rec post you will ever experience! My biggest passion is history specifically the two World Wars, so all of these books and films that I am about to write about have been “vetted” by me and my obsession – take my word when I say that these books and films/TV shows/docus are absolutely amazing. This isn’t a masterlist in the strictest sense of the word – it’s not exhaustive, rather I’ve chosen a book/movie/TV show to recommend for different categories to suit all types of interest so I’m sure you’ll find something that you’ll enjoy! Please sit back, relax and let me scream about these works of art….

“At the Front Lines” – for keeping it real…

Book: Valentine Joe by Rebecca Stevens

Summary: Valentine Joe explores a soldier’s point of view and the way life was in the trenches and on the front lines. It follows the true story of Joe Strudwick, who was the youngest soldier to die in WWI, and adapts the interesting technique of a time slip between 1914 and the modern day.
Recommend for: if you enjoy reading books from a first person POV you’ll love this one.
Why I love it: This book really tugged at my heartstrings and you will in love with Joe. It’s a super short read that you could probably finish on your commute to school/work and back!

Film: Band of Brothers

Summary: Band of Brothers is a miniseries with only 10 episodes and follows Easy Company of the Airborne division through the most important events of the War such as the Battle of Normandy and Bastogne. In addition to that, the series also includes interviews from the soldiers themselves which provides an even better insight to what it was like.
Recommend for: if you prefer a more visual take on getting into soldiers’ heads during this period. This is immersive viewing at its finest.
Why I love it: this is one of the best war adaptations I have ever watched. S E R I O U S L Y! I will never ever stop singing/screaming/sobbing praise for the work of art that is Band of Brothers. It illustrates the brutality of WWII with amazing effects and makeup and doesn’t shy away from reality. The fact that it still remains the highest rated TV show on IMDB speaks volumes. It also follows the stories of individual soldiers whom you will become incredibly attached to. Trigger warning though: this series is not a glossed-over depiction of events, my friends it shows graphic war scenes. The Holocaust episode should be approached with care as it is very sensitive, I had to skip a few scenes due to the fact I was on the verge of tears. BUT DO NOT LET THAT PUT YOU OFF!!!
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